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The revolution-
BioTech functional underwear

100% natural

100% functional


The shoulder area is made from a single piece of fabric, without vertical seams. More freedom of movement, better support for muscles and posture.


The revolutionary combination of holes and three-dimensional channels has a double effect: the moisture produced by the body during activity escapes, while air is allowed to circulate freely between the skin and the fabric, forming a thermoregulating layer...


100% natural. 100% functional. NATEX is particularly light and reduces weight by 25%. NATEX clothing dries up to 50% faster than comparable nylon clothing. The 100% organic fiber is more elastic and the bacteriostatic effect minimizes odors.


Transports sweat to the outside through a lighter, extremely absorbent knit technology.


ECOLYPT, a 100% sustainable natural fiber with exceptional properties, is obtained from the wood of eucalyptus trees. The properties of the pulp of the wood from which it is obtained give ECOLYPT strength and great elasticity. Its structure consists of very small hydrophilic fibers that absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton. In addition, the fiber is highly breathable, minimizes odor formation and, thanks to its temperature-regulating properties, can have a cooling effect on hot temperatures and a warming effect on cold days. The entire production process of ECOLYPT fiber is characterized by a closed cycle: all water and enzymes are recovered and reused in another production process.

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