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Flexxit® PRO 3, OLD SNOW, temp.: -5°C to +10°C



  • Special product for warm snow conditions, maximum water-repellent effect, which, together with the structure of the sliding surface, ensures optimal speed in these extreme conditions.
  • At the same time very abrasion resistant and still super fast even after many km! 
  • Air and snow temperatures -5°C to +10°C
  • Fluorine-free, water-based, biodegradable


Target group:

  • Professionals
  • Product series specifically designed for professional use at the Olympics, World Championships and all other competitive events.



  • Transport-safe bottle made of recycled HDPE with sponge applicator,
  • Contents 50ml, for up to 25/50* applications (* ski pairs/skis)
  • Environmentally friendly refill bags in the shop. (coming soon)


Naturally simple – fast – and clean 

FLEXXIT professional ski coating PRO 3 / OLD SNOW, temp.: -5°C to +10°C

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